The Vision of Albion’s Goalkeeping program is to have every goalkeeper in the club at a very high level which will includer their individual ability, match performances and strengths in the following areas.

The 5 key principles that we are looking to instill in all our goalkeepers are the following:

•    To have a sound technique in all areas of goalkeeping. This will be achieved by the goalkeeping curriculum and the amount of training each goalkeeper receives.

•    Distribution. Specialized sessions on all areas of distribution are held weekly to help with this important part of goalkeeping.

•    Communication. Goalkeepers will be issued written information on areas of communication that the goalkeeper needs. The match evaluation program, training exercises, and match support will help in this.

•    Dominating Area. Dominating area by collecting crosses, taking through balls, breakaways and one on ones. With the training and coaching that the goalkeepers receive, the goalkeepers will have the confidence in their ability to accomplish these.

•    Presence in the goal. This presence will come from many parts of the program and people will notice distinct style of Albion goalkeepers. From the standard goalkeeping warm-up, the communication and sweeping and starting position in the goal. Also, the standard Albion SC uniform the goalkeepers are issued. All this will help with instilling a good presence in the goal.